Incident Management

Real-time Incident Management tracking with EMwerx software

PRAXES has created is own Incident Management software system to manage the medical part of our business, and it has been in continuous use by emergency medical professionals since 2003.

In 2009 we developed INCIDENT MANAGER module for use by emergency management and search and rescue organizations across Canada, Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association, Newfoundland & Labrador Search and Rescue Association, Nunavut Emergency Management Organization, the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner, and the Yukon Emergency Measures Organization.


The INCIDENT MANAGER is a cloud-based solution with the following features:

Real-time event tracking

Captures information in real-time in the field

Offline functionality

Downloaded to a laptop to work offline when internet not available.

People, assets, and emergency events

Track people and assets

ICS methodology

Built on the Incident Command System (ICS) methodology.

Incident Management Plans Available

PRAXES has the following incident management plans available, depending on your specific location needs.


Our Silver plan is for small incident management teams with less than 50 incidents per year

  • ✔️ Hosted in Canada
  • ✔️ ICS Forms
  • ❌ OFFLINE Installations
  • Standard Forms & Reports
  • 50 INCIDENTS per year
  • Max 10 Users per login


Our Platinum plan is for large incident management teams that require unlimited offline installations and incidents.

  • ✔️ Hosted in Canada
  • ✔️ ICS Forms
  • Unlimited OFFLINE Installations
  • Custom Forms & Reports
  • Unlimited INCIDENTS per year
  • Unlimited Users per login


Access to trained emergency specialists around the clock via phone, text, or the Praxes App


Medical Kits

Praxes can assist in stocking & inventory tracking capabilities for all your medkits whereever you are


Medical Staffing

Services to provide you with all neccessary medical staffing for any project in any environment


Other Services

PRAXES also provides additional services which can be found here