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Healthcare doesn’t have to end at the wharf.

Having the right medical kit and immediate access to experienced doctors for minor and serious medical events can significantly improve health outcomes for your crew. PRAXES 24/7 support helps to alleviate stress for skippers and crew and reduce the likelihood of a medical evacuation or vessel diversion.

– PRAXES provides a medical kit designed specifically for the fishing industry in Canada, and trains Captains and Mates on its use.
– We can coordinate follow up shore-based care through our network of clinical providers.
– Our goal is to: Keep your crew healthy and productive, avoid unnecessary medevacs and vessel diversions and get workers back to work quickly after an illness or injury.

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PRAXES can support any type of vessel in the commercial marine sector, from seismic vessels and container ships to superyachts. Services we provide for this sector include:

24/7 Telemedicine

PRAXES provides 24/7 telemedicine support anywhere in the world


Secure messaging, crew medical information and medication management

Medical Kits

PRAXES can provide medical kits to the MCA or IMO standard.

Remote medical staffing

When required, PRAXES can provide remote medical staffing – paramedics or nurses.

Client Testimonial

“As our medical needs have changed over the years, we knew we wanted a higher level of service for our crew. After speaking with peers in the industry, it was clear the Captains wanted PRAXES. There is a lot of pressure on Captains today to know how to do everything. When a medical concern arises, giving them direct access to a Doctor to talk through the situation lifts that weight off the Captains shoulders. There is a mutual respect and understanding of the decisions that need to be made, and the support given to our Captains during these times is worth everything.”

– Bonnie MacInnis, Vessel Operations Manager, MV Osprey

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