Mining & Remote Worksites

Improve medical care and reduce risk for your mining projects.

With mining projects moving to increasingly remote areas, and the aging of our workforce, there is an increased need for more than just first aid at mining sites.

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PRAXES provides your onsite First Aid personnel with 24/7 access to our team of Canadian emergency doctors for immediate support.
We provide a medical kit containing simple vital signs devices, over-the-counter and prescription medications, and bandages and dressings.

Our doctors 
work with your First Aid personnel to diagnosis any medical issues, provide orders for treatment, and follow up as needed. They help decide when a medical evacuation is needed, and how best
to make that happen.


The designated on-site medic or first aider calls the 24/7 line and is directly connected to one of our on-call doctors within minutes

Once connected, the doctor provides advice on how to manage the illness or injury, including assistance on deciding if/when a medical evacuation is required

In addition, on-site medics can also interact with the doctor through secure messaging. Images (photos or short video clips) can also be sent using cellular network, Wi-Fi or satellite.


24/7 one number access to emergency medical support

Transfer photos, message, and confirm doctor case notes

Calls recorded for quality assurance

Services in French & English, translations also available

Medical Kits

PRAXES provides medical kits to meet the unique needs of each site, taking into account number of people onsite, type of work being done, time and distance away from higher level medical care, frequency of resupply access.

All items are numbered to make it easy to find when ordered by our doctors. All medical kits are supplied by Shipp Pharmacy, an integrated PRAXES partner.

All medications and supplies can be procured by PRAXES through our national pharmacy and equipment suppliers.

Deliveries can be shipped directly to a specific location(s) or where possible a standing prescription order can be set up at a local pharmacy.

Client testimonial

“I have been a field geologist for over 20 years, and I have experienced some challenging medical events in the field. At our site, I worry about having a medical event during a winter storm, when I cannot get someone out. When I heard about the PRAXES services, and that my field personnel could access an emergency doctor in minutes about any medical issue, I knew this was the service I wanted. We have been working with PRAXES for over two years now, and my team feel like they can get a quick response and support for decision-making. They feel free to call when they need to, they aren’t wasting anyone’s time. It’s about being confident and reducing anxiety. This is a very valuable service for all mining companies, even those at the exploration stage”.

– Exploration mining client