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24/7 Telemedicine coverage for your remote travel needs

We provide support for individuals or small groups engaging in recreational activities that will take them into remote areas that don’t have much in the way of medical support.

We have developed medical kits specific to the needs of the fishing industry in Atlantic Canada, for yachting rallies such as the ARC and ARC+ events, and for Basic and Advanced Life Support clinics at both land-based and marine remote worksites.

Our kits are based on an assessment of evidence-based medical practice; type of activity at the remote site; time and method to get patients to higher levels of medical care; number of people onsite; level of medical training of onsite personnel; and other factors.

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PRAXES provides support for activities such as:

Superyachts & Ocean Yachting

PRAXES currently provides telemedicine services to many yachts & superyachts around the world.

We reduce risk and improve the welfare of your crew and guests with our 24/7 telemedicine service, secure messaging through our app, and medical kits

Expeditions and Hiking

If you have an expedition or hiking group traveling to remote areas of the world, use PRAXES telemedicine services via satellite phone to reduce risk and avoid unnecessary disruptions due to medical incidents.

Extreme Sports Events

PRAXES has been an integral partner of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race since 2013.

We support over 750 crew and skippers for 11 months, in some most remote places on the planet. 

Our Partners

PRAXES has partnered with these great organizations to provide the best telemedicine and medical kits around the world for our yachting and travel clients. 

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