24/7 medical Support. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it.

PRAXES provides 24/7 medical support for remote workers in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. We improve the medical care at your remote work site to reduce costs and risk and maximize productivity. We provide peace of mind for Captains and Site Supervisors, Crew and Workers, Senior Managers and Families at home.

24/7 Telemedicine

Access to trained emergency specialists around the clock via phone, text, or the PRAXES App


Medical Kits & Supplies

PRAXES can assist in stocking & inventory tracking capabilities for all your medkits whereever you are


Remote Medical Staffing

Services to provide you with all neccessary medical staffing for any project in any environment


Occupational Health Services

Virtual and in-person Occupational Health Services, Medical Training and Vessel Audits.



Marine & Fishing

Our Remote Telemedicine services are valuable for any vessel looking to reduce costs

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Mining & Remote Worksites

PRAXES supports you and your remote worksite 24/7 with emergency doctors & medical kits

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Oil & Gas

Our variety of services can help you maintain a safe & secure site for any drilling project

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Our wide array of clients also includes government projects, click below to learn more

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Search & Rescue

PRAXES EMwerx software can be used to manage real-time incidents, generate reporting and track assets and employees

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Yachting & Travel

If your group is going on an expedition or travelling to remote areas of the world, ensure that you are ready and covered from a medical perspective

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March is National Nutrition Month!

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About Us

Our Doctors

Our doctors are carefully selected, trained and experienced in providing telemedicine services for our clients. They are all specialists in emergency medicine, and we have a minimum of three doctors on-call 24/7, with at least one being French speaking.

Meet Our Doctors

Our Team

For more than 22 years, PRAXES has been providing 24/7 remote medical advice to clients operating in many diverse and dangerous locations around the world. Many of our clients operate in environments where the health and safety of employees is paramount, transport can be challenging, and time is critical.

Meet Our Team

What Our Clients Say

Clearwater Seafoods

“Clearwater  uses technical innovation to bring a traditional industry into the modern business world. PRAXES has helped us be innovators in health and safety by simultaneously improving our “at sea” medical support and reducing injury costs. With their technology we have not only reduced the number of expensive vessel diversions, we have significantly improved our ranking with WCB and saved in excess of $500,000 annually.”

MV Osprey

“As our medical needs have changed over the years, we knew we wanted a higher level of service for our crew. After speaking with peers in the industry, it was clear the Captains wanted PRAXES. There is a lot of pressure on Captains today to know how to do everything. When a medical concern arises, giving them direct access to a Doctor to talk through the situation lifts that weight off the Captains shoulders. There is a mutual respect and understanding of the decisions that need to be made, and the support given to our Captains during these times is worth everything.”

Nova Scotia Department of Corrections

“Utilization of the PRAXES Emergency Medical Control Physician services has significantly reduced the number of diversions to outside emergency departments”