Medical Staffing

PRAXES provides medical staff to work at remote worksites, whether land-based or marine

We provide the following types of personnel: – Enhanced First Aid staff, such as emergency medical technicians (EMT) & Occupational First Aid Attendants (OFA) – Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) who provide Basic Life Support – Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP), Registered Nurses (RN), or Physician Assistants (PA)


An electronic medical record-keeping system

Quality review of the medic by the doctor

Remote clinic standard operating procedures

Monthly, quarterly, & annual reports

Industry-specific health & hygiene inspection checklists

Medical Directives

Health promotion materials

Our staffing services include our Telemedicine support, which is also called “Topside” or “Medical Oversight”

Medical Staffing for

Film sites & Events

PRAXES has been providing on-site medical staffing for medium to large scale events and film sites in the greater HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality). 

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