Medical Kits

Get access to the right medical equipment, supplies and medications for your Medical Kits

A key component of excellent onsite medical care is having quick access to the right medical equipment, supplies and medications when they are recommended by the doctor. PRAXES can assist in stocking & inventory tracking capabilities for all your medical kits wherever you are.

Our kits are based on an assessment of evidence-based medical practice; type of activity at the remote site; time and method to get patients to higher levels of medical care; number of people onsite; level of medical training of onsite personnel; and other factors.

Standard Medical Kits

PRAXES works closely with pharmacy partners who supply standard medical kits, such as the Maritime Coastguard Authority (MCA) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) kits.

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Advanced Medical Kits

We have also developed medical kits specific to the needs of the fishing industry in Atlantic Canada, for yacht rallies such as the ARC and ARC+ events, and for Basic and Advanced Life Support clinics at both land-based and marine remote worksites.

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Medication Management

Medications and supplies can be uploaded to the PRAXES system and will be available to the Doctor when you make a call to the PRAXES telemedicine service. The App makes it easy to find WHAT you have, WHERE it is, and WHEN it expires.

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Medical Kit System Orientation

Orientation can be provided onsite or remotely for onsite personnel who will manage and use the medical kit and who will be calling the PRAXES telemedicine service. Training on how to obtain vital signs and do a basic patient assessment; when and how to call the doctor; and the contents of the medical kit are all reviewed. We strongly encourage test calls to ensure all callers are comfortable with the process and system.

Our Partners

PRAXES partners with Shipp Pharmacy in Canada, and ANP Pharma in the UK. Both companies understand and are dedicated to the needs of offshore, marine and remote clients. They provide a “one stop shopping” service for all of the first aid, medications, medical supplies and equipment needed. As a pharmacy suppliers working exclusively in this highly specialized area, both Shipp and ANP are diligent about managing the expiry dates and packaging of items with suppliers, meet all government regulations for packaging and labeling and strive to ensure products have the longest shelf life possible.

Note that all prescription medications and controlled substances must be administered by crew members only after consulting with the PRAXES telemedicine service, or an alternate licensed physician. Use of any controlled substances must be noted in the log, and signed by the dispenser and the patient.