Film & Events

Protect your crew on film projects and events in Canada

PRAXES works with several film, TV production and event companies to help them start up their projects and keep their workers safe.

We can assist with the following services:
– Review or develop CoVID-19 operational plans
– Assist with onsite employee CoVID-19 screening
– CoVID swab testing
– Provide Medics to work on set, with the required medical equipment.
– Provide medical supplies and equipment, including PPE.
– Provide you 24/7 access to our team of Canadian emergency doctors for immediate support.

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PRAXES provides support for projects such as:

Film and TV Productions

We can help you to keep your cast and crew safe, and your production running smoothly, with:
• Development of appropriate Health and Safety plans, including COVID plans.
• Covid screening and testing services,
• Paramedical staff and comprehensive medical kits,
• Physician Telemedicine support.

Public and Corporate Events

We support large events such as Sporting Events, concerts, Conventions and Meetings with the following services:
• Event Medical Planning
• Covid testing and screening
• On-site Primary Care or Advanced Care paramedics and Nurses.
• On-site Physicians
• Comprehensive Medical Kits for First Aid, Primary Care and Emergency Care.
• Disaster planning and emergency response expertise
• 24/7 Physician Telemedicine support.

Worksite, Home or Hotel COVID Screening and Testing

Our healthcare professionals (RN or Paramedic) can provide in-person testing of Employees or Contractors at their home, a worksite or at a hotel.

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