COVID-19 TEST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Information about COVID-19 Testing

Please click here to review the latest list of symptoms of COVID-19 –
If anyone from your group currently has symptoms of COVID-19 (Click here for the latest list) please click here to do the online COVID-19 Self-Assessment. Use this service to find out if you or a family member needs to get tested for COVID-19. Call 811 if you cannot access the online assessment tool to determine if you require testing.
PRAXES has been authorized by the Province of Nova Scotia to provide COVID-19 polymerise chain reaction (PCR) testing for individuals or employees who need a negative test for travel or other work related purposes.
PRAXES is currently providing testing only for people that meet these specific criteria:
  • Urgent work-related travel that requires a COVID test before departure
  • Students or migrant workers returning to their home country when a COVID test is required by that country
  • Travel to visit a vulnerable, ill or elderly relative, attend a funeral or for other events on compassionate grounds when a COVID-19 test is required by provinces (outside Nova Scotia) or countries
PRAXES is not authorized to provide CoVID testing for non-essential travel ex: vacations; business travel when virtual meetings are possible; anxiety regarding possible CoVID exposure; etc.
$250 CAD + HST (15%) – total $287.50
The Government of Nova Scotia is paying for COVID-19 testing of individuals who have COVID symptoms. They are not paying for testing of individuals who do not have symptoms. If you have symptoms and require a test, please contact 811 for more information on how you can get tested and covered through Public Health Nova Scotia. PRAXES provides the following materials and services, which are included in the cost of the COVID test:
  • Healthcare professional to perform the COVID-19 swab test.
  • Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare professionals
  • Office space
  • Appointment booking and payment system
  • Courier of swabs to the lab
  • Payment of the lab processing fee
  • Administrative management, including website, telephone and email support.
  • Results review and communication with patients.
  • The charge of $250 + tax per test covers these costs.
The Provincial Health lab is open 24/7 and processes the swab samples as soon as they are couriered to them. Turnaround time can fluctuate generally between 48-72 hours depending on capacity and current volumes. This is outside of PRAXES control.
You are responsible for learning the rules and travel restrictions of your Airline and the Country you are travelling to. We recommend that you also check with your Country’s Embassy about the COVID-19 test rules in terms of the timeline that is required in advance of your travel date. You can also check on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website for more information. You can input the source and destination Country to view any restrictions and requirements: NOTE: All individuals purchasing COVID-19 tests must use their own judgment regarding the best date to have their test done to meet the requirements of their travel destination. PRAXES can not advise on, and does not take any responsibility for, any test timings and their associated outcomes including (but not limited to) the effect on travel, business or personal plans.
PRAXES and the Province of Nova Scotia Laboratory are unable to provide Antibody (IMG) testing in Nova Scotia.

Appointment Booking and Payment

PRAXES reviews each request for COVID-19 testing to ensure the reason meets the criteria given to us by the Province of NS.
PRAXES will get back to you within 1 business day to confirm that you are approved to have a COVID-19 swab test taken. We will send you a link to an online appointment booking system. You can select your preferred time and pay for your appointment online.
Once approved you will be sent a link to the online appointment booking system. You can select appointments at our locations in Halifax and Dartmouth. NS.
We do not book appointments over the phone. You must use the online appointment bookings system.
Once you have selected the time you want, you will be asked for your credit card information to pay for it. NOTE: If you select an appointment time but do not pay for it within 20 minutes, your reserved appointment time will be cancelled
You must submit a request form and once approved, select an appointment time for each person, and pay for it separately.
No. An individual appointment must be booked for EACH person travelling. You can find the form for individuals here:
You may change your appointment date and time by emailing PRAXES at Please note that you may only change your appointment date and time if there are at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment.
You can complete the online form for groups of 6 people or more:
We suggest that you book your appointment 3 days in advance of your travel date. Lab processing time is currently 24 – 48 hours, but is subject to change.
After you submit the intake form at: you will receive a link to the appointment booking system for a COVID-19 test. The available timeslots vary per week 7 days per week and must be booked using this system. Current hours are 0900 – 1530 Monday to Friday (Halifax and Dartmouth) and 1200 – 1800 Saturday and Sunday (Halifax only).
Visit this website to view our Refund and Cancellation Policy:

At My Appointment

Residents of Nova Scotia can use their Health Card number to validate themselves. This is fine whether travelling in our out of Nova Scotia. International travellers (or out of Country residents) should use their Passports only.
You are required to wear a face mask to your testing appointment. you will be asked to sanitize your hands prior to entry to our testing location. You will be screened including a temperature check before being admitted into the office.
Please email us at to inform of any mobility or accessibility restrictions you have. In most cases the COVID-19 tester will be able to test individuals in their vehicle.
There are NO walk-in appointments for COVID-19. Appointments must be booked ahead of time. Please do not walk-in to our office locations to receive a COVID-19 test. You must complete the intake form located at:
5539 Young St, Suite B in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is located in the Hydrostone Market between Salvatore’s Pizza and Hamachi House.
Our Dartmouth location is operated by East Coast Mobile Medical. 101 Ilsley Avenue, Suite 1 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
We hope to have other locations available in the near future, but we currently only have 2 testing locations – 1 in Dartmouth and 1 in Halifax.

Test Results and Certificates

CoVID-19 swabs are couriered to the Nova Scotia Provincial Lab twice daily for processing. The Provincial Lab operates 24/7. Processing times fluctuate between 24-48 hours based on the number of tests being processed and are not within any control of PRAXES. We will send your tests results to you by email when we receive them. Please do not call or text us asking for your results, as this will not speed up the lab processing process!
Your test result certificate will be provided to you via email when it is available from the lab. If you have not received your results within 12 hours of your departure please email us at You should check your certificate as soon as you get it to make sure there are no errors.

PRAXES is unable to provide COVID-19 testing within a 48 hour window prior to boarding your direct flight to China.

Please contact the Chinese embassy for further assistance on how to meet their new requirements.
We provide certificates as PDF format electronic files only. We do not provide hard copies. You can print your certificate if you require a hard copy.
If there is an error in your name or date of birth please contact as at

Contact Information