COVID-19 Rapid Testing

PRAXES COVID-19 Rapid Testing

PRAXES Medical Group is proud to help Nova Scotia Health manage the COVID-19 Rapid Testing clinics across the province. Rapid testing is a community-driven service offered free of charge in an effort to detect the COVID-19 virus in people who do not show symptoms.

Rapid Testing in Nova Scotia has thus far proven to catch 10-18% of the province’s cases, which may have otherwise gone undetected and caused further spread. Since finding these cases and limiting the spread will ultimately reduce the COVID-19 numbers more quickly, the program promotes serial testing instead of just getting tested once.

COVID-19 Rapid Tests are available free of charge to those who:

  • Are over 16
  • Do not have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Have not travelled recently
  • Have not visited a potential exposure location
  • Have not been in contact with someone who has tested positive

Rapid Testing clinics are held across the province. For the latest information on when and where you can get tested:

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For more information on what Rapid Tests are and how they work, please see this article written by PRAXES Medical Director Dr. John Ross


If you’re interested in volunteering at a Rapid Testing clinic near you, please email

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for answers to common COVID-19 questions and concerns.