About Us

PRAXES – experts in emergency telemedicine, for over 20 years. 

Since 1997, PRAXES has been providing 24/7 medical advice to clients in some of the most remote locations on the planet.

Many of our clients operate in environments where the health and safety of employees is paramount, transport can be challenging, and time is critical.

Preparation is key

Having the right onsite medical staff, medical kit and immediate access to expert emergency doctors for both minor as well as serious medical events can significantly improve a patient’s outcome, help to manage stress for the whole team and reduce the need for medical evacuation.

PRAXES improves the medical care at your remote worksite, to reduce costs and risk, and maximize productivity. Our team provides peace of mind for remote workers, onshore management and families at home.

After a medical event 

We follow up with clients to assist with getting the right care to get their employee back to work as quickly as possible. We have a network of across Canada that we work with to ensure timely access to in-person or virtual medical assessments.

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PRAXES Telemedicine Physicians

PRAXES Doctors are located and licensed in Canada and are Specialists in Emergency Medicine. Our Doctors support onsite medical personnel with expert, up-to-date medical advice, based on established best practices, experience, research and academic training and teaching.

Our doctors are carefully selected and trained to use the PRAXES systems and processes to provide telemedicine services for our clients. They are experts at making decisions when time and information is short, and distances are long. 

Occupational Health Physicians and Allied Health Providers

PRAXES has a roster of occupational health physicians and allied health providers such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists, available across Canada to provide virtual or in-person consultations.

Quality Management

Most “telemedicine” services are platforms, like a phone company, that connect Patient A with Doctor B. Many “Topside” services provide a doctor at the end of a phone, but don’t provide a secure way to send and receive medical information. Unlike other critical public service providers such as pilots, most doctor advice services do not voice record phone calls or manage the quality of the advice provided.

At PRAXES we take different approach. We are not a platform but provide a telemedicine service, and we are passionate about quality. We carefully recruit, interview, hire and train doctors who are typically referred by our current doctors. We have our own secure medical records software, and voice recordings of each consultation are saved as part of each medical record. All consultations are reviewed by our Quality Manager, and at least 5% are reviewed by our Medical Director. We provide feedback to our doctors on their care advice and use the call recordings for training and educational purposes. We provide feedback to clients on the care being provided at their remote worksites, and we are continually amazed at what fantastic care can be provided by workers with basic First Aid training!

Our Partners

PRAXES partners with great organizations across Canada and Internationally to ensure timely access to in-person or virtual medical assessments and medical supplies.