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PRAXES provides health services for clients on-site and in the most remote locations in the world. Whether it’s an office, an oil rig, or remote vessel, we protect worker health and reduce your risk.

OHdoc Occupational Telemedicine

Senior Occupational Health resources at your fingertips

With our occupational telemedicine service, PRAXES puts a senior occupational health physician available at your fingertips.  Via phone, Internet, or video our specialist can assist your organization with:

  • Expert occupational health support for on-site health and safety personnel.
  • Detailed knowledge of WCB and Occupational Health and Safety legislation requirements (including OSHA).
  • Defining effective early intervention action plans that provide the best care and reduce risk for the employee and the business.

The business case for OHdoc Occupational Telemedicine

OHdoc helps clients effectively manage remote workplace injury and illness issues without having to take employees away from the work site.

Our OHdoc services improve medical care delivery while reducing costs by:

  • Assessing employees for work fitness, eliminating the need for costly diversions to medical facilities.
  • PRAXES occupational health specialist recommends action consistent with Occupational Health & Safety and Workers Compensation Board laws, and corporate injury management systems, thus reducing business risk.
  • Ongoing access to OHdoc occupational telemedicine ensures employees are managed remotely throughout the recovery process.

How is the OHdoc Telemedicine service delivered?

A single telephone number connects you to our health concierge who manages OHdoc telemedicine bookings for our occupational health physicians. Callers can range from site medical personnel seeking advice regarding an employee’s fitness for work, to senior safety personnel seeking advice on the classification of injuries or treatment outcomes.

 Who is on the OHdoc Telemedicine team?

Our team of occupational health physicians and nurses is led by Dr. Donald Haigh B.Sc, M.Sc, MDCM, CIME, FCBOM, one of Canada’s leading occupational health professionals. His clinical experience includes:

  • OH&S, WCB and OSHA legislation
  • CAPP offshore medical examinations
  • Transport Canada seafarers exams
  • Aviation medicine
  • Diving medicine
  • Providing medico-legal opinions as a Certified Independent Medical Examiner
  • Industrial Hygiene support and planning

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