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PRAXES provides health services for clients on-site and in the most remote locations in the world. Whether it’s an office, an oil rig, or remote vessel, we protect worker health and reduce your risk.

Our Physicians

PRAXES Physicians – a multi disciplined team

PRAXES on call physicians are all busy self employed specialists serving organizations in public health care and private industry. When not on call with PRAXES they teach at universities, practice in public hospitals, and consult to Canadian and foreign governments.

PRAXES Physicians

From left to right OH Physician Dr. Donald Haigh and EMdoc Physicians Dr. John Ross, Dr. George Kovacs, Dr. Kirk Magee and Dr. Jennifer McVey.

EMdoc Telemedicine – Emergency Physicians


Dr. Sam Campbell MB B.Ch, MD, CCFP-EM, Dip PEC(SA), FCCHL


Dr. George Kovacs B.Sc, MD, FRCPC, MHPE


Dr. Scott MacDonald B.Sc, MD, CCFP-EM 


Dr. Kirk Magee B.Sc, MD, MSC, FRCPC


Dr. Jennifer McVey B.Sc, M.Sc, MD, FRCPC


PRAXES Medical Director Dr. John Ross B.Sc, MD, FRCPC

  • Dr. Gregg Meikle B.Sc, MBA, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. David Petrie B.Sc, MD, FRCPC, ABEM
  • Dr. John Colebrook B.Mc, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. Tom Currie B.Sc, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. Neil Petrie B.Sc, MD, FRCPC
  • Dr. Lyle Thomas B.Sc, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. MaryLynn Watson B.Sc, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. Barry Wiens B.Sc, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. Marie-Eve Demers B.Sc, MD, FMOP
  • Dr. Doug Eramian B.Sc, MD, FRCPC
  • Dr. Adam Lenny B.Sc, BA, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. Carl Jarvis B.Sc, M.Sc, MD, CCFP-EM

OHdoc Telemedicine – Occupational Health Physicians


Dr. Donald Haigh B.Sc, M.Sc, MDCM, CIME, FCBOM

  • Dr. Donald Fay B.Eng, M.Sc, PhD, MD, CCFP-EM

EMdoc Telemedicine – Family Physicians

  • Dr. Donald Fay B.Eng, M.Sc, PhD, MD, CCFP-EM
  • Dr. Allen Greenspoon B.Sc, MD, CCFP
  • Dr. Mario Soulard B.Sc, MD, FMOP
  • Dr. Joel Yellin B.Sc, MD, CCFP

PRAXES Emergency Specialists Inc.

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