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PRAXES provides health services for clients on-site and in the most remote locations in the world. Whether it’s an office, an oil rig, or remote vessel, we protect worker health and reduce your risk.


EMwerx Software Updates

EMwerx is used by many different types of clients, from Ground Search & Rescue organizations to offshore oil rig medics to Physicians entering Electronic Medical Records. As such it is constantly undergoing development to improve its many functions – a new build is released every month. Our focus shifts constantly depending on variables such as creating new functionality to support new projects and clients, GSAR funding cycles for new development, general improvements and redesign of existing functionality to better serve users. Below is a list of major software releases that compile several monthly releases in each.

April, 2014 – Introducing ICS Compatibility

April, 2014 – Software Update – Build 240

December, 2014 – Software Update – Build 267

October, 2015 – Software Update – Build 289

April, 2016 – Software Update – Build 330


PRAXES Emergency Specialists Inc.

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