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PRAXES provides health services for clients on-site and in the most remote locations in the world. Whether it’s an office, an oil rig, or remote vessel, we protect worker health and reduce your risk.

EMwerx Software

EMwerx – Software for managing operations in remote locations

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If you are managing a remote medical facility, a remote search incident, or staff working in remote locations, EMwerx Software provides solutions that can help.  EMwerx was designed to meet the needs of remote work teams.  It is an Internet-based solution that also operates offline.

EMwerx highlights:

    • Built initially for emergency doctors as a tactical emergency response tool
    • Increases your functionality and speed of operations in the field
    • Capture information on lap top, synchronize securely with central database once internet connection available.
    • Designed to manage people, assets and emergency events, in real-time in the field

computer_smallInstallation options include:

    • Hosted
    • Enterprise
    • Laptop/USB drive installation

EMwerx has been in continuous use by emergency medical professionals since 2003. Today, key emergency response teams manage emergency incidents using EMwerx software, including the Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association, the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner, and the Yukon Emergency Measures Organization.


For more information on our unique software offerings and how it may be beneficial to your organization, please contact us.


EMwerx custom solutions

The following chart outlines the general packages :


  • Business manager can be used by any business, even with non-remote employees
  • Incident manager is primarily used by ground search and rescue teams and fire fighting teams, to manage large amounts of volunteer data and incidents
  • Medical manager is used to manage remote staff and remote medicals clinics


Business Manager

EMwerx Business Manager is available to support small businesses that need to manage people, assets, and information on remote worksites, away from the office.


  • Simple to use
  • Store employee information such as demographics, contact info, roles and training, and attach any file
  • Generate Photo ID cards
  • Option to use QR codes in ID cards to allow anyone to check on training IN THE FIELD!
  • Document storage, sharing, and version control
  • Provide login access to employees and control what they can see and edit through security permissions
  • Training compliance reports
  • Modules included: People, Assets, Documents, Administration, Reports, and Schedule

View the Business Manager brochure

Incident Manager

Search and rescue – manage people, assets and incidents

EMwerx Incident Manager supports Ground Search and Rescue teams on the front line. Responding to a search emergency means many teams and assets are deployed quickly and must operate remotely. EMwerx supports teams in the field by helping them deploy, track and report on emergency incidents. EMwerx now supports teams in Nova Scotia, Manitoba and the Yukon.


  • Use barcode scanners to quickly check members in & out of search events
  • Network laptops together
  • Keep track of who is at the search and how long they have been there
  • Enter and store vital information such as Incident Objectives, Communication logs, Major Events, Weather, profile of the lost person(s),
  • Works without the Internet
  • Quickly enter people and asset resources into search teams and tasks via drag and drop functionality
  • Link search teams and tasks to the appropriate incident objectives and communications
  • Easy print options for search team tasks, lost person information and communications
  • Modules included: People, Assets, Documents, Reports, Admin and Incident Manager.

EMwerx Incident Manager Demo Video

This demo video illustrates the major EMwerx Incident Manager features by running through a mock ground search and rescue event:

Medical Manager

Manage a remote or on site clinic

EMwerx Medical Manager acts as the software backbone for the operation of emergency or permanent remote medical clinics. Easy to use and portable, it permits staff to capture, manage, and report on the medical data of arriving patients.


  • Tracks all clinical visits
  • Central storage of Medical and Next of Kin information for all patients
  • Security permissions
  • Tracks employee training and professional credentials
  • Can run independently on a laptop, tablet or local network
  • Synchronizes to a central server via the web when available
  • Attach any type of document or file: PDF, image, video, audio.
  • 128 bit encryption of all files.
  • Modules include: People, Schedule, Reports, Documents, Admin and Clinic. Optional modules include Assets and EMdoc.

EMwerx Medical Manager Demo Video

This demo video illustrates the major EMwerx Medical Manager features by running through a mock mobile medical event: 


EMwerx Software Updates

EMwerx is used by many different types of clients, from Ground Search & Rescue organizations to offshore oil rig medics to Physicians entering Electronic Medical Records. As such it is constantly undergoing development to improve its many functions – a new build is released every month. Our focus shifts constantly depending on variables such as creating new functionality to support new projects and clients, GSAR funding cycles for new development, general improvements and redesign of existing functionality to better serve users. Below is a list of major software releases that compile several monthly releases in each.

April, 2014 – Introducing ICS Compatibility

April, 2014 – Software Update – Build 240

December, 2014 – Software Update – Build 267

October, 2015 – Software Update – Build 289

April, 2016 – Software Update – Build 330


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