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PRAXES completes successful contract with major oil producer

In January 2017, PRAXES was proud to complete a highly successful 17 month contract providing world-class Medevac, Search and Rescue (SAR) and on-board medic services to support to a major oil producer off-shore. PRAXES was proud to work together with several prominent organizations in the aviation and search and rescue industries on this contract.

This contract marks the first time ever in Canada that a critical care air medical transport team became an active component of a dedicated SAR / Medevac response system. The team brought critical care medicine directly to patients instead of transporting them to a shore-based hospital within a four hour window of time. Starting critical care interventions upon arrival and during transport substantially increased the chance of a positive outcome for patients.

PRAXES Critical Care Flight Paramedic and Team Lead, Dale Traer, shared details of the accomplishments achieved which included over 465 flight hours logged in a Sikorsky S92 helicopter, a 100% success rate and an astounding zero injury time.

The team of highly skilled professionals worked in extreme weather and sea conditions, expertly navigating everything Mother Nature threw in their path. Aside from the drill ship, none of the standby and supply vessels are equipped with a heli-deck – therefore landing a S92 helicopter was not possible. PRAXES Air Medical Crew were trained in hoisting down from the helicopter to the heaving deck to provide medical care to sick or injured crew members before bringing them back on board. Air Medical Crew participated in over 170 hoists which were executed with the utmost attention to safety.

On one occasion, a member of the team was successfully hoisted down to the drill ship when landing was not possible due to high winds and an unstable landing platform. Conditions at that time included a heaving heli-deck, wind gusts of 50 knots and rotor wash of 130 MPH – all of which made the successful hoist and retrieval of the patient a challenge.

This project illustrates that PRAXES offers its clients vast knowledge, state-of-the-art critical care capabilities and offshore aviation experience. Today, PRAXES is a leading supplier of remote medical services and has been providing support for clients in some of the world’s most remote locations for over 20 years including the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and Clearwater Seafoods. Both the Clipper Race and Clearwater are long-standing clients which have experienced an impressive decrease in vessel diversions and medevacs. From executing highly efficient at-sea critical care to providing professional evidence-based tele-physician services available 24 – 7, PRAXES is proud to offer world-class services while continuing to evolve to meet our clients’ needs.

Pictured below – the contract medic during a boat hoist training exercise


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