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PRAXES provides health services for clients on-site and in the most remote locations in the world. Whether it’s an office, an oil rig, or remote vessel, we protect worker health and reduce your risk.

Doctor Ross hosts Medical Emergencies at Sea

PRAXES and ClipperTelemed+ Medical Director, Doctor John Ross, will be sharing his dynamic telemedicine stories hosting “Medical Emergencies at Sea” on the recently launched and highly anticipated, Boat Radio. Ross will share the fascinating details of far-reaching telemedicine rescues and more with international listeners for this regularly scheduled program launched in July 2016. From impressive resolutions of medical incidents at sea to supporting researchers on expeditions in the world’s most remote locations, Ross has a wide variety of fascinating stories to tell. According to Boat Radio Founder, Mike McDowall, Dr. Ross was the perfect choice to host “Medical Emergencies at Sea.”

“Doctor John Ross has a lifetime of experience dealing with medical emergencies,” says McDowall. “His particular area of expertise – emergencies in remote locations – makes him the ideal person to offer advice to sailors, boat owners and adventurers. Plus, his engaging manner, sharp wit and competence behind the microphone make for a terrific radio program.”

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About Doctor John Ross (MD, FRCPC)

Dr. John Ross has been active in the delivery of remote emergency medicine to the marine sector for almost 20 years. He has considerable knowledge of the marine environment, the work pattern of seafarers, and the issues now facing the industry as worker health becomes a business issue. Ross is an emergency physician, a professor of emergency medicine at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) and the Medical Director of both PRAXES Medical Group (Canada) and ClipperTelemed+ (UK). Additionally, he has been a policy consultant to several Canadian and foreign governments.

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About Boat Radio

July 1st 2016 was launch day for BOAT RADIO – the first talk station aimed at boat owners, world cruisers, sailing enthusiasts, professional yacht crews and armchair adventurers everywhere. Boat Radio will feature interviews with prominent characters from the world of sailing, exploration and endurance sports. There’ll be compelling tales and inspiring stories often from ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things and plenty of practical advice and an indelible streak of marine conservation.

Presenters are a mixture of radio professionals, sailing journalists, scientific researchers, ocean ecologists and live-aboard bloggers. Every week there are programs from Florida, Missouri, Washington, The Bahamas, Canada, the Arctic Circle, the United Kingdom, Italy, Croatia, Australia, Mallorca and from boats all over the world’s oceans.

BOAT RADIO’s managing editor is Mike McDowall. Mike has been making radio and television programmes for more than twenty years, working at CNN, APTV, ITN and the BBC. For the past several years, he has produced The World Tonight for Radio 4 in the UK and Business Matters for BBC World Service.
“There are dozens of magazines for boating enthusiasts and a few attempts have been made to develop TV channels aimed at people who mess about in boats,” says McDowall. “What the boating community has never had is a talk radio station. Boat Radio will be slick, professional and a real contender in the world of broadcasting.”

Please visit Boat Radio to learn more
Skype: Boat Radio International
BOAT RADIO can be heard worldwide wherever there’s Wi-Fi or a cellular phone signal

Check out Boat Radio’s “Medical Emergencies at Sea” shows so far:

Doctor John Ross of PRAXES Medical Group and ClipperTelemed+ presents life-saving medical advice and stories of extraordinary rescues at sea

Dealing with potentially fatal allergic reactions

How to deliver a baby at sea

About ClipperTelemed+™

ClipperTelemed+™ offers global remote medical support services to the commercial marine, yachting and exploration sectors. A joint venture between Clipper Ventures Plc and PRAXES Medical Group, ClipperTelemed+ provides telemedicine, medical kits, technologies and vessel-based medical operating software. Highly-skilled PRAXES emergency physicians respond to medical emergencies, 24/7 within five minutes. The intent is to handle the emergency in place and limit medevacs and vessel diversions.

The ClipperTelemed+ partnership is a result of the successful use of PRAXES’ remote medical services for Clipper Race crews during the Clipper 2013 – 14 Round the World Yacht Race. The number of medevacs, in-port hospital visits and insurance claims were dramatically reduced. The results were so strong that Clipper Ventures Plc wanted to provide the service to other mariners.

Clipper Ventures Plc is a highly-respected UK-based company executing a variety of Clipper Events including the illustrious Clipper Round the World Yacht Race – the longest open ocean yacht race in the world.

PRAXES is Canada’s premier supplier of telemedicine for government and industrial clients, providing remote medical support for remote and hostile environments globally including ships, mine sites, oil and gas platforms and prisons. The mission of PRAXES is to improve remote health care while simultaneously reducing cost for clients.


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