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ClipperTelemed+ and PRAXES visit Seattle


In April 2016, ClipperTelemed+ and PRAXES team members gathered in Seattle to show support to the Clipper Race crews after their valiant efforts during the tumultuous Pacific leg. ClipperTelemed+ Business Development Manager, Tom Bettle, PRAXES Dr. John Colebrook, PRAXES Technical Support Specialist, Jeff Scribner, and PRAXES Communications Specialist, Nicole Trask, were there to attend Clipper Race activities, team sailing days and a host of ClipperTelemed+ networking events. It was a valuable opportunity to meet international crew members, colleagues and clients. The team also had the chance to cheer on the yachts as they departed from Bell Marina for their next leg during the beautiful and memorable Parade of Sails.

ClipperTelemed+ Business Development Manager Tom Bettle

Tom Bettle, ClipperTelemed+ skipper Matt Mitchell and guests onboard ClipperTelemed+ for a networking sail

13062418_1216467095039144_8413421285195468873_n13087886_1216468065039047_2100609395051066099_n ClipperTelemed+ crew give our guests the hands-on sailing experience

ClipperTelemed+ yacht and crew depart Seattle from the Bell Harbor Marina



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