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Race Fit Tips: What you should know before a marine race

Dr. John Ross, PRAXES Medical Director, and Liz Baugh, Red Square Medical, have recently created some race fit tip videos. They include helpful information that you should know and be aware of before going on a marine race, like the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. You can also find these videos published on PRAXES social media channels.

Race Fit Tip #5 – Sleep

What do new parents and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race crew have in common?

Less sleep. Lack of sleep. Interrupted sleep. As. Dr. Ross and trainer, Liz Baugh share in Race Fit Tip #5: this is not a cruise 🙂

Race Fit Tip #4 – Your Diet

We encourage race crew to be mindful about how we fuel our bodies as we prepare them for the adventure ahead. In short: less sugar, unhealthy carbs and alcohol; more veggies, fruit and lean protein. You know the drill, now is the time.

Race Fit Tip #3 – Medications

This video contains one of our top tips for any remote-based client regarding medications and your supply in advance of your voyage.

Race Fit Tip #2 – Upper body strength

A sailing enthusiast himself, here’s Medical Director, Dr. John Ross from his own sailboat, where he’s constantly reminded of the importance of upper body strength!

Race Fit Tip #1 – Physical fitness & stamina

Dr. John Ross is sharing our first tip from Halifax, Nova Scotia – and that is to start working on and improving your overall physical fitness and stamina.

If you are not an overly physical or active person right now, start by aiming to be out of breath several times throughout the day. Don’t just walk upstairs, run. Try taking a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes. If you can start with small daily steps, you will be amazed at how much of a difference you will see after just a few weeks.

If you are already quite physical and active, consider mixing up your routine and adding a little extra each day. If you tend to lift weights, start cross training and adding in aerobic activity – things like swimming, rowing, running, cycling. Something that will build your overall endurance.

Strength and muscle tone will develop naturally over the course of the race but if you arrive with a decent level of stamina then you will find working the deck a lot less tiring and help to prevent injury.



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