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The Corrections Industry

In one of our client’s facilities, 70% of offenders have health related issues that require frequent medications and medical oversight on a daily basis.

There are over 190 correctional facilities in Canada with varying levels of security. Each is challenged with increasing  health concerns. Facilities are typically located in remote locations with limited access to the public system. For security reasons managers of correctional facilities would like to keep offenders out of local public hospitals and clinics. Dealing with offender health issues on site reduces security concerns while simultaneously increases speed of response and quality of health care for offenders. PRAXES telemedicine improves health care delivery and reduces both offender “off sites” and overtime for facility staff who may have to wait for hours in public emergency rooms – a better solution, which saves  money.

“Utilization of the PRAXES 24/7 telemedicine services has significantly reduced the number of diversions to outside emergency departments“

– Program Director, Offender Health

Correctional health services – a concern for corrections management

No other Canadian supplier provides the combination of carefully screened and trained corrections medics, with 24/7 telemedicine support via on call emergency and occupational health physicians. Combined, these service offerings combat the following issues and concerns:

  • Turnover – PRAXES medical staff are screened specifically for corrections work and are highly trained. They can be relied upon to have the right equipment, knowledge, and attitude
  • Access to immediate emergency medical support. PRAXES telemedicine supports PRAXES staff
  • One-stop procurement of all drugs/medical supplies to ensure appropriateness, consistency, and compliance
  • PRAXES staff work to support other corrections staff – sensitive to, and supportive of, corrections security staff


Remote Medical Staffing

PRAXES has been supplying remote medical staff for assignments in Canada and aboard for over 15 years. The PRAXES approach:

  • We have a rigorous processes for hiring, screening and training our remote health staff.
  • We serve highly specialized needs.  Example – prisons
  • We know the medical and legal requirements of different operating jurisdictions and are familiar with the liaison requirements of industrial boards etc
  • We supply PRAXES proprietary methods and technologies (EMwerx) to support our staff and provide a higher level of response and efficacy as a result
  • We supply the full range of services required
    • Health professionals in all categories
    • Standby medevac services to support staff
    • Software

EMwerx Software

EMwerx has been in continuous use by emergency medical professionals since 2003. Today, key emergency response teams manage emergency incidents using EMwerx software, including the Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association, Newfoundland & Labrador Search and Rescue Association, Nunavut Emergency Management Organization, the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner, and the Yukon Emergency Measures Organization.

Software for managing remote operations

If you are managing a remote medical facility, a remote search incident, or staff working in remote locations, EMwerx has an application. EMwerx was designed to meet the needs of remote work teams. It is an Internet-based solution that also operates as a stand-alone tool without Internet connection.

EMwerx is a remote incident management software, primarily:

  • Used to capture information in real-time, and synchronize securely with a central database once an internet connection is available.
  • Built for emergency doctors as a tactical emergency response tool
  • Designed to manage people, assets and emergency events, in real-time in the field

EMwerx is built on the Incident Command System (ICS) methodology.

For more information on our unique software offerings and how it may be beneficial to your organization, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Medical Kits & Supplies

On-site emergency preparedness

PRAXES provides medical kits and supplies customized to your specific needs and industry.

We have trusted suppliers and current knowledge of the regulations that affect your organization and its operating environment. We have a full time procurement team dedicated to finding the most appropriate medical solutions for your business.

We’ll help you:

  • Buy only medications and supplies that you really need in your operating environment
  • Make inventories consistent
  • Reduce the need for costly medical transports offsite
  • Reduce occurence of WCB claims and rising premium costs

email hidden; JavaScript is requiredfor more information on the types of medical kits and supplies we supply.

24/7 Global Telemedicine

Sometimes you can’t call 911 – call PRAXES

“Partnering with PRAXES ensures our medics in remote locations across Canada – both onshore and offshore – have immediate 24/7 access to world-class medical advice in emergency situations”.

– President, Frontier Medex

A unique healthcare model

Our remote healthcare delivery model is designed to do three things:

  1. Improve employee health
  2. Reduce risks – both financial and operational
  3. Save money by dealing with medical incidents immediately

PRAXES Telemedicine is the only service that:

  • Has one global call number
  • Guarantees caller has emergency physician on line in under 5 minutes, anywhere.
  • Bilingual services (French/English) as well as translation for other languages
  • Records every call
  • Establishes a medical record for every call
  • Assesses skills of the caller/medic on every call
  • Auto-faxes information to referral clinic or hospital as appropriate
  • Sends incident alert to the client if desired

email hidden; JavaScript is required to learn more about our telemedicine services and how they can benefit the health of your organization.


PRAXES specializes in providing services that support offender health, as well as the security and budgetary concerns of the corrections facility at the same time. Contact us to find out how.


PRAXES Emergency Specialists Inc.

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