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CoVID-19 screening & medical coverage

Protect your crew on film and entertainment projects in Canada

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PRAXES can screen your employees for CoVID-19 symptoms and also provide you 24/7 access to our team of Canadian emergency doctors for immediate support.

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CoVID-19 Screening programs

Medical kits

24/7 Telemedicine Support

Medical staffing

PRAXES provides support for projects such as:

Film production crew & talent screening

Ensure the safety of your film production crew in regards to CoVID-19 and get your projects back on track. 

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Construction & Maintenance crew support

To continue large scale productions, ensure that you protect and screen your construction and maintenance teams

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CoVID-19 Screening done by a healthcare professional

We can send one of our healthcare professionals (RN or Paramedic) out to your location for in-person screening

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