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Antibody (IgM) testing

Neither PRAXES or the Province of Nova Scotia Laboratory is able to provide Antibody (IgM) testing in Nova Scotia.

Symptoms of COVID-19

If you currently have symptoms of COVID-19 (Click here for the latest list) please click here to do the online COVID-19 Self-Assessment. Use this service to find out if you or a family member needs to get tested for COVID-19. Call 811 if you cannot access the online assessment tool to determine if you require testing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for answers to common questions and concerns.

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COVID-19 Test Request For Individuals

PRAXES is authorized to provide COVID-19 testing for:

  • Urgent work-related travel that requires a COVID test before departure
  • Students or migrant workers returning to their home countries when a COVID test is required by their country
  • Travel to visit a vulnerable, ill, or elderly relative, attend a funeral, or for other events on compassionate grounds when required by provinces (outside Nova Scotia) or countries

PRAXES is not authorized to provide CoVID testing for non-essential travel ex: vacations; business travel when virtual meetings are possible; anxiety regarding possible CoVID exposure; etc.

If you need a CoVID-19 PCR swab test, please complete the form below. Each request will be considered. After you have submitted the form, someone from our team will get back to you, ideally within 1 business day. Due to scheduling constraints and lab processing times, please contact PRAXES at least 5 days in advance of your travel.

Sample collection, lab processing, and reporting times are based on activity. To check current wait times, please visit this page –

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    Here are the defined symptoms of COVID-19, as per directive from Nova Scotia Health (NSH):
    - Fever (i.e. chills/sweats) OR Cough (new or worsening),
    - Or Two or more of the following symptoms (new or worsening): Sore throat, Runny nose/nasal congestion, Headache, Shortness of breath, change or loss in smell or taste


    Travel to another Province or Country for work purposesTravelling in to Nova Scotia from another Province or Country for work purposesRequired for an educational or work training placementRequired for working at a long term care facilityRequired to travel for compassionate reasons (i.e. visit a family member in a long-term care facility, caring for a loved one, repatriation of children or for attending a funeral)Currently in quarantine and require test to join a ship or fly out of countryOther

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    I understand that a negative COVID-19 test result does not guarantee that I do not have COVID-19. It just means that COVID-19 was not detected by the lab from the sample that was taken.

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    I understand that it is my responsibility to know the timelines required by my airline or country. I understand that the turnaround period for my results is variable based on the current lab volumes. To check current wait times, view it here: