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PRAXES provides health services for clients on-site and in the most remote locations in the world. Whether it’s an office, an oil rig, or remote vessel, we protect worker health and reduce your risk.

Clipper Ventures Plc & PRAXES Medical Group announce ClipperTelemed+™

UK-based Clipper Ventures Plc and Halifax-based PRAXES Medical Group announce ClipperTelemed™, an innovative global joint venture business.

Leg 3 - Southern Ocean - Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 13/1

As the only Canadian sponsor of the renowned Clipper 2013/14 Round the World Yacht Race, Halifax-based PRAXES Medical Group provided crews with global telemedicine support. Use of the PRAXES service helped the Clipper Race increase medical support on board, while simultaneously reducing vessel diversions and insurance claims. The results were so compelling that PRAXES and Clipper Ventures (race operator) have been discussing ways of working more closely together.

PRAXES and Clipper Ventures are now launching  ClipperTelemed+™ to provide immediate medical support from PRAXES emergency and occupational physicians to yachts, super-yachts and commercial vessels around the world. Custom medical kits will also be offered, as part of a complete medical support service.

Clipper Race Founder and Chairman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail solo, nonstop around the world in 1968/9 said: “We are pleased to launch this new joint venture. It is a result of our success as partners in the last race.”

John Hockin, PRAXES VP of Marketing, says that although technology plays a part, PRAXES success is primarily because of its excellent physicians who deliver an immediate response, empathy and reassurance to callers anywhere. The confidence they gave 2013/14 Clipper Race crews comes through in the ringing endorsements that crews have given them.

ClipperTelemed+™ will launch in 2015 and will be available globally.



PRAXES is Canada’s premier supplier of telemedicine for government and industrial clients, providing remote medical support for remote and hostile environments globally – ships, mine sites, oil and gas platforms, and even prisons.  In addition to the global marine sector, PRAXES is pursuing new opportunities in telemedicine for consumer markets.

About Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is the world’s longest ocean race, also known as one of the world’s toughest endurance challenges. The race is 40,000 miles long and takes almost a year to complete. Twelve teams race on a matched fleet of Clipper Race 70 ocean racing yachts.

Established by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in 1996 to allow anyone, regardless of previous sailing experience, the chance to experience the thrill of ocean racing, it’s the only event of its kind for amateur sailors. Approximately 40 per cent of crew have no sailing experience before they sign up to the challenge. This is where everyone from doctors to massage therapists, truck drivers, students, nurses, and landscape gardeners join together to take on Mother Nature’s toughest conditions.

During the Clipper 2013-14 Race, crew members were given rapid diagnosis and valuable expert reassurance by PRAXES emergency physicians, in addition to in-port consultations via private internet video consultations.

Crew were given advice on everything from respiratory problems, infections, eye injuries, and rashes, to dislocations and broken ribs. This included emergency advice following a dramatic Man Overboard rescue in the North Pacific Ocean, dealing with a crew member with potential hypothermia, shock and a suspected broken leg.

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