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Pii Software release major software update for NSGSAR

Pii Software release major software update for Nova Scotia Ground Search & Rescue


PRAXES subsidiary company Pii Software has released an updated version of its EMwerx Incident Management software now being used by the Nova Scotia Ground Search & Rescue.  This release includes over 40 different feature changes aimed at facilitating search event activities.  Based on feedback provided by the NSGSAR Technical Committee and members, the feature changes are part of a series of development improvements on track to continue through to spring 2015.

In conjunction with this release, Pii Software provided assistance during a training session attended by all 23 NSGSAR teams on October 25.  Held in camp Aldershot, the training session reviewed the Members, Assets, Reports & Documents sections of the software as well as touched on the basics of Incidents.  Smaller more focused training sessions will be held in early 2015 to cover the Incidents section in full.

Pii Software’s EMwerx Incident Management software is also currently being used by the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Yukon Emergency Measures Organization.  EMwerx is also used for information management within a medical context for clients such as SBM Offshore, Frontier Medex, and Clipper Round the World Race.  For more information on our software, please contact us.


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