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Out of Oz and Singapore-bound

In our fifth blog entry for CanadExport, PRAXES Vice-president of Marketing John Hockin gives a business update of opportunities through The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, and Canadian skipper Eric Holden describes the conditions at sea:

Dear CanadExport,

We are now on our way to Singapore, having just left Western Australia, Sydney, Hobart and Brisbane behind.

In addition to direct calls from the yachts we have now done 16 in port virtual clinics which assist crew members and reduce costly hospital visits. Our team had an operational review with the Clipper race manager this week and all systems are operating smoothly for both parties. This is very important to our business, as we are testing the potential for a consumer version of our service to be sold into international markets as a Canadian export product. So far our service has supported industrial clients only, but the notoriety of the race has generated demand for a consumer version.


Canadian Skipper Eric Holden on board yacht Henri Lloyd, holding a bottle of Canadian maple syrup off the coast of New Guinea, a gift from the Praxes team. “I rarely talk about food on board,” said Holden, “but today I have to give credit to our victualler Meg for preparing pancakes for breakfast, with real Canadian maple syrup provided by our amazing emergency physicians at Praxes Medical. Thanks!”.

We heard from Eric Holden, our favorite (and only) Canadian skipper of the yacht Henri Lloyd. “What a busy 24 hours it has been. I have never experienced weather quite like this, it seems never ending,” he said.

“Every time I put my head down it’s another call of “squall!”, usually phrased as “sorry to bother you again skip, but…”. Now I’m getting pretty tired and tempted to roll over, but when they say, “and there are a couple of water spouts coming towards us, should we be concerned?”, that gets my attention.

Holden says getting a skipper out of bed when he doesn’t want to can be an arduous process. “I usually expect to be bribed with fresh coffee,” he says. “But a call of waterspout gets me on deck in seconds, still in my underpants. And the amount of water that these clouds can hold is unbelievable, nothing in the Atlantic doldrums can compare to these clouds. You would see a white wall approaching and then the visibility would drop to near zero and the seas would get flattened by the rain.”

Business update

The seas are rocking and so is business! As part of our work with the Trade Commissioner Service, we followed up on a number of leads in the Australian market — supplied by our trade commissioners in Australia.

Three companies there are interested in further business discussions with us, which is great news. We will brief them and explore opportunities for the licensing of the Praxes service model in Australia.

We are looking forward to TCS staff being there for us in Singapore and we will also be meeting with potential partners there. Trade commissioners will, as always, be welcoming us with open business development arms.

Yours aye,

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Vice-president, Marketing, Praxes Medical Group


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