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Man goes overboard mid-Pacific

In the latest blog entry for CanadExport, John Hockin discusses the latest leg in the race which took the fleet across the Pacific, as well as an update on the Business side of things:

Dear CanadExport,

The yachts have arrived in San Francisco and Canadian Skipper Eric Holden leads the race overall.

Once the crew member was found and brought aboard, they called the PRAXES doctor on the satellite phone and our physician assisted in attending to him for a contusion and hypothermia. Fortunately, he is recovering well.Leg 10 was the longest and wildest so far — over 5,300 nautical miles with no land in sight. Many of you have already seen a clip of the man overboard incident, on CNN or the CBC. It occured (of course) at mid-ocean. Here is a link for those who have not yet seen it.

In fact, this leg saw many medical incidents and even medevacs. Below is a photo of the medic on the yacht OneDLL talking to the PRAXES doctor from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. PRAXES guarantees a five-minute emergency physician response to client calls from any global location.

Business news

When we asked the Clipper marketing team if past sponsors reported good business results from their sponsorship, we got an interesting answer; they said many sponsors claim that often the best results have come from sources they never anticipated. This has been exactly our experience.

Even though the race is still on (we finish July 12 in London) we are well advanced on new pilot projects with strategic partners who we didn’t know before the start of the race. The good news, from a sponsorhip point of view, is that our new partners became aware of us because of media coverage related to the the race. Finding new channel partners was the exact goal we had for our sponsorship efforts. Sponsorship works — even for a small company.

So, to the Canadian companies out there looking to secure new channel partners, here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Make sure the event you are sponsoring reinforces your product positioning and the market sector of interest. In our case, it’s global remote medical support in the marine sector;
  • Leverage the implied third-party endorsement in all your marketing and sales materials and efforts;
  • Budget at least twice the value of your in-kind offer to support your sponsorship, such as sales, travel, on-site activities that leverage the event;
  • Use a good public relations agency to help you leverage the stories and get media attention, particularly in the trade media your target partners read; and
  • Leverage in-country Canadian Trade Commissioner Service staff to identify potential channel partners and make introductions. Trade commissioners know who is in your target market. They are specialists in market intelligence, opening doors and saving you time. I have worked with the TCS system for over 20 years, with great success so take advantage of their enthusiasm and years of experience.

Yours aye,

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Vice-president, Marketing, PRAXES Medical Group


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