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Getting to know PRAXES Project Manager / Business Analyst, Neil McWilliam

Originally from Riverview, New Brunswick, Neil McWilliam joined the PRAXES team as Project Manager / Business Analyst in August 2015. He comes from an IT background and began his career working for Clinidata, providing tele-care services to the population of New Brunswick, then Clindata’s parent company, Sykes Assistance Services, providing tele-care services to Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. More recently, he worked at McKesson Canada leading the applications team for the Nova Scotia 811 service, and helped collaborate on developing a chronic disease management program for diabetes, two drug adherence programs, the Nova Scotia provincial gambling support program, and the Nova Scotia Tobacco Free line, among many other projects. He’s looking forward to managing and guiding the growing list of PRAXES’ technical projects. McWilliam took some time to answer a few questions for us on his unique position at PRAXES.

Can you explain what your role as PRAXES Project Manager / Business Analyst entails?

My position is focused on managing PRAXES’ active projects, scoping out new projects, getting buy-in from the stakeholders and managing projects and workloads effectively. I’m also doing an assessment of the technologies being used at PRAXES and making sure that we’re using the most appropriate technologies. In August, I had the opportunity to meet with our RSA and Global Excel Management contacts, so that was very interesting and exciting. The first major project I will be leading is the University of New Brunswick project offering telemedicine services to international students with RSA insurance.


PRAXES Project Manager / Business Analyst, Neil McWilliam

PRAXES Project Manager / Business Analyst, Neil McWilliam

What makes working with the team at PRAXES unique for you?

I like that it’s a small team and we can move quickly. I came from a large, corporate environment and it often took a long time to move things forward. It appeals to me to now be part of a close-knit team and really get the work done.


In your opinion, what makes PRAXES different than other telemedicine suppliers?

I’ve been in the tele-health industry for ten years and to me what’s different about PRAXES is that they have highly qualified and experienced physicians who are able to take calls and respond within just a few minutes. The technology behind the scenes effectively allows interactions with our customers. There are some innovative concepts we are working on to improve accessibility from remote locations and vessels. The EMwerx software is integrated with technologies, such as: SMS, email, and video conferencing. It also has automatic prescription features, and a secure built in EMR. Putting all of these elements together really opens up a variety possibilities for the future of telemedicine. It’s really quite exciting.


What do you think are the most important skills you need for your position at PRAXES?

My project management experience and technical background are definitely key. I also have 10 years of experience in the tele-health industry working with clinical experts, including: physicians, nurses, and therapists. I think this experience will really help me.


When you’re not working, what are some of your favourite pastimes?

Well, I have a 23 month-old daughter, Emily, so spending time with her is a big part of my life. She keeps me very busy! I play acoustic and electric guitar whenever I have the chance and I also really enjoy doing a little bit of web development on the side.


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