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PRAXES provides health services for clients on-site and in the most remote locations in the world. Whether it’s an office, an oil rig, or remote vessel, we protect worker health and reduce your risk.


PRAXES – 24/7 Medical Support for your remote workforce. 

For more than 22 years, PRAXES has been providing 24/7 remote medical advice to clients operating in many diverse and dangerous locations around the world. Many of our clients operate in environments where the health and safety of employees is paramount, transport can be challenging, and time is critical.

Having the right onsite medical staff, medical kit and immediate access to expert emergency doctors for both minor as well as serious medical events can significantly improve a patient’s outcome, help to manage stress for the whole team and reduce the need for medical evacuation.

Plan and Prepare to stay Productive. 

We help clients plan and prepare, so they can keep their workforce as productive as possible.

The Right Medical Kit

The best remote site care happens when an appropriate medical kit is available. We design custom medical kits for all customers, tailored to the location, number of people on site, proximity of face-to-face care and the medical skills of the first aiders onsite. All required medications and supplies can be provided by our pharmacy partner, Shipp Pharmacy. We also assist clients in determining if they need a pre-employment medical exam, and what assessments should be included.

Medical Staffing

For sites that require a trained medical person, PRAXES can assist. We have a roster of Nurses, Paramedics and Physician Assistants who are trained and experienced at working in remote industrial worksites, whether onshore or offshore. We provide all the required Medical Directives, and standard operating procedures for managing a remote medical clinic.

PRAXES can also provide additional medical training to improve the skills and abilities of the onsite first aid or medical providers. This training may include:

  • Review of the operational activities and most common types of medical events that occur at the location;
  • A “how-to” patient assessment;
  • Use of the medical diagnostic equipment (e.g. blood pressure cuff, oxygen saturation monitor; blood glucose monitor);
  • Review of the contents of the medical kit;
  • Skills, such as: suturing, splinting, managing dislocations and management of a pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

24/7 Telemedicine:

We believe in keeping things simple. Each client and location is given a unique ID that enables direct connection to a PRAXES doctor in minutes. The doctor has access to site-specific information including: medical supplies, level of medical training of the caller and any personal health information provided for the employees. The doctor works with the Caller to provide the most appropriate care and treatment or to help determine the timing and best method to get the patient to advanced medical care.  

Our doctors are carefully selected, trained and experienced in providing telemedicine services for our clients. They are all specialists in emergency medicine, and we have a minimum of three doctors on-call 24/7, with at least one being French speaking. Some of our similar clients include remote scientific research teams; the Canadian Coast Guard: Joint Rescue Coordination Centre: many fishing and other marine clients; correctional facilities, remote mining sites; nursing clinics, and many more.

We have a rigorous quality review program. All calls are recorded and stored in our software system and reviewed daily for quality assurance and training purposes. After each call, the doctor provides a review and rating for the Caller and feedback to help them improve their assessment and treatment skills. This provides our clients with continuous feedback about the skills and capabilities of their First Aid or Medical personnel.

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